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Cider Security, which is developing a platform that can protect engineering environments from cyberattacks, has raised $32 million in Series A funding. The company, which was founded in late 2020, has 60 employees working on three continents. Cider’s platform provides a holistic view of engineering environments.

Cider Security’s platform helps companies protect their CI/CD pipelines from cyberattacks

A CI/CD pipeline can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. However, there are several ways to minimize the risks associated with it. One such way is to incorporate a code analysis tool. Other methods include pen testing and software composition analysis. All these methods are intended to improve the overall security posture of your CI/CD pipeline.

Implementing a security strategy to protect your CI/CD pipeline can be challenging. Security starts with identifying potential risks and inventorying all connections. These connections should be treated as potential points of compromise, so regular scanning and patching are vital. You should also set up access control lists to block any devices that don’t comply with security policy requirements. Finally, you need to monitor your CI/CD pipeline to identify and remediate any issues as soon as they arise.

As the threat landscape becomes more complex and the attack surface increases, security teams need to develop new methods and approaches to protect their CI/CD pipelines. The key is to make sure that security is not an interruption to developer velocity. This requires collaboration between developers and security professionals.

Cider Security’s platform helps companies protect CI/CD pipelines from cyberattack by eliminating vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. The company’s mission is to provide security solutions for CI/CD pipelines, as well as secure the underlying technologies.

The platform helps companies secure their CI/CD pipelines from cyber attack using a multi-cloud approach. In addition, it enables businesses to automate security controls into their DevOps toolchain. It also streamlines policy management for cloud-native applications and automates workflows between InfoSec and DevOps teams.

Cider Security’s platform helps companies protect CI/CD pipelines from cyberattack by monitoring and blocking malware. It provides comprehensive visibility into web traffic and provides threat isolation. Its security management capabilities are designed for high-demand networking environments.

It aggregates results from a company’s code scanning tools

Cider Security offers a platform that can scan code to uncover security risks and vulnerabilities. Its solution provides access to a catalog of code scanning tools from third-party vendors. The platform then aggregates results from each tool to make it easier for developers to identify security threats.

Cider Security, which has recently raised $32 million in a series A round led by Tiger Global Management, claims to be the first application security operating system anxnr. The company’s platform unifies and orchestrates three disciplines of CI/CD security: code scanning, application security, and continuous integration. The company says it has secured the development environments of dozens of companies.

It detects insecure configurations of software tools

Insecure software configurations can lead to cyberattacks. Fortunately, there are tools and resources that can identify insecure software configurations. These tools include Cider security, which detects these vulnerabilities and helps developers change their default settings to mitigate their risk. The Cider security 32m series also enables developers to manage risks without interrupting engineering processes.

To protect applications and development processes, software developers need a solution that can quickly identify and remediate insecure configurations. Cider security’s platform aggregates the results of third-party code scanning tools and makes them easily accessible and actionable for developers. The platform also provides a single pane of glass for application security transparency across the SDLC. By identifying insecure configurations, Cider Security helps developers enhance the security posture of their entire development environment.

32m Series Series Financing

Cider Security is a company that provides application security controls and solutions. It has a unified platform that aggregates the results from code scanning tools in a single interface for application security management. To support increased demand, Cider plans to expand its research and development operations in Israel and open offices around the world.

Cider Security’s platform provides a unified view of the entire engineering ecosystem

Cider Security’s platform provides a comprehensive view of the engineering ecosystem and offers tailored controls and solutions. It eliminates friction between engineering and security teams and enables developers to implement AppSec programs in minutes, rather than days or months. With the unified view, users can detect and prioritize security risks in their environments.

Cider Security is one of several companies in Israel’s startup ecosystem. The company has been backed by several major venture capital firms and angel investors, including Glilot Capital Partners, which led the company’s Series A round. The company has completed three rounds of funding, and raised $38 million so far.

It aggregates results from code scanning tools in a centralized interface

Cider Security, which recently raised $32 million in Series A funding, aims to provide a single pane of glass to secure an application while providing transparency throughout the SDLC. The company claims to be the first application security operating system and says that it orchestrates and harmonizes CI/CD security activities to improve the overall security posture. The company plans to expand its research and development efforts in Israel and open new offices worldwide to meet the growing demand for its solution.

The company’s software security platform allows developers to identify vulnerabilities and other security risks in software code, without interrupting development. The platform provides centralized access to a catalog of code scanning tools from third-party vendors. It then aggregates the results into a single centralized interface, enabling developers to find and remediate security issues.

It provides a single pane of glass to manage application security measures

Cider Security is an AppSec operating system provider. The company raised $38 million in Series A funding. Its platform offers a single pane of glass for application security, providing visibility throughout the software development lifecycle and recommendations to improve security posture. This gives IT teams a single view of their entire engineering environment and protects them from malicious threat actors.


The Cider security platform orchestrates security-related activities without disrupting engineering. It provides prioritized risks and recommendations for remediation based on the specific environment. It integrates with all other systems in the CI/CD pipeline to provide comprehensive analysis of every system. It maps all the intelligent connections within the environment, ensuring a unified view of the entire CI/CD journey.

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